The School of Spells and War stories are now available on a Patreon launched specifically for the series! I am excited about this change, and I think it will be a great improvement for me and for the fans of the series.

You can find it here. If you’re a reader of the series, please consider supporting me over there.

Some of you might be wondering why I would make this change, and I’ll explain that in just a bit. First I want to tell you about all the extras you’ll get through my Patreon account!

First and foremost, you’ll get all the Alis and Cahan stories in one spot. Every time I post a story, it will be available to read on Patreon. Ebook versions of the story are attached to the post, so you can download your flavor of ebook too. Now you won’t have to go hunt them down on Amazon each time a new one is released.

All my patrons immediately get the first three stories – Down The Dragon Hole, A Midsummer’s Party, and The Cinder Witch for supporting me! That’s $5 worth of short stories immediately.

From here on out, all the Spells and War stories will be released on Patreon first, followed by Amazon a month later. Get them as soon as they’re released instead of having to wait!

There are different tiers, but I’m also going to include world building posts, maps, behind the scenes info, and even extra short stories for my patrons. This is much better than just getting the solitary story download from Amazon.

Each time I release a new story (and only when there is a new story, not monthly!) you’ll get it right away, and for the same price it would be listed on Amazon if you choose the lowest tier of support.

So why have I decided to shift over to the new platform?

The biggest reason is being able to connect better with my readers. Everything I want to share about the Spells and War story is now in one place. All the little world building tidbits, the maps I make, story background can just be posted and you’ll know where to find it. I can get to know my fan base, and you can get to know me.

I can build a wider audience this way, and you can participate in the entire process. It’s not as formal and faceless as interacting with Amazon.

I think this will be a great change. Please consider heading over to Patreon and signing up to support the series! Thank you!