I’m dreaming of Pho…and Dragon Con 2019

I’m dreaming of Pho…and Dragon Con 2019

It was a fateful day back in 2013…Russell and I met a local Tai Chi instructor at a Vietnamese restaurant. We were prepping to open our dojo, and wanted to get other martial artists in the space to help keep the place in use more than a couple hours a week.

I ordered a small clay pot. Russell asked the instructor what he recommended, and he mentioned Pho. Russell ordered that, and then, not paying attention, proceeded to dump the majority of the garnishes in the soup – including rather a lot of jalapeno, which he didn’t recognize.

So he ended up with a bowl of super spicy soup that he barely touched. I pointed out he’d put all the jalapeno in the pho. I tried a little of it because I was still hungry after my clay pot.

And ya’ll, even with all the jalapeno in it…it was so good. And so began my love affair with Pho. I love Pho. It’s now one of my favorite foods.

But Russell isn’t a big fan of soups and we don’t eat rice very much, so I don’t get to eat it unless I go out for it myself. He did get me a Pho cookbook for Christmas one year so I periodically make it for dinner. It also greatly improved my broth making skills.

Last year there was a new restaurant at the Peachtree Center, the mall and food court complex connecting many of the host hotels for Dragon Con.

A Vietnamese restaurant.

With Pho.

I ate there all weekend. It’s healthy, though a little carb heavy with the rice noodles. But still better than I would generally eat while traveling. It was hot and delicious. And best yet, Russell could still go hunt down another eatery without being stuck eating what he doesn’t really like. Win/Win for everyone!

We leave for Atlanta in a week, and I’m dreaming of Pho. And the indomitable pop culture con of the south, Dragon Con.

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