Newquist Family Eating

Newquist Family Eating

It occurred to me after my post earlier this week on seasoning salts that before I jump headfirst into foodposting on the blog I should do I quick run down of how we actually eat.

I don’t do this to be holier-than-thou on it, because trust me we eat donuts more than we probably should, but to give the proper framework for our food. I tend to get a lot of questions about how we manage to eat the way we do, what we eat, etc., so I thought I could potentially help other families with suggestions and recipes and all that.

If we want to put labels on it, we try to eat a hybrid Weston A. Price/Primal diet. Russell and I had great luck a decade ago swapping to low carb-primal-paleo eating and have continued to mostly eat that way. Except for a short period of time where we had no income and had to really slash the food bill. But I don’t get particularly hung up on super strict labels (I especially find the Weston A. Price animosity towards Paleo/Primal folks kind of silly, but people are like that). I pick and choose from what seems to work and what has good research behind it.

Simple answer is real, whole foods. We eat a lot of meat, cheese and eggs, and do not regularly eat pasta, breads, or rice. We eat a little more potatoes now than we used to with the kids. I also try to be careful of modern vegetable oils after discovering P.D. Mangan’s work, as well as the excellent book Deep Nutrition.

I can share how our family does some things for whoever is looking for new ideas. If not, you can just sail on past these posts. Like I’ve said, this blog is an eclectic collection of my interests, so not all of it will appeal to everyone.

So how do I feed my four kids following these principles? How do we afford it? Do they eat what I make? What about snacks? What about packed lunches and trips?

I can and will answer all of these questions and more over time on my little corner of the internet here.

Thanks for hanging around for it, and be on the look out for more food posts from me!

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