Heroes Fall is out!

Heroes Fall is out!

So this is definitely a delayed post, but until the other day, I hadn’t updated this blog in two years. Back then I was still mostly working on my sword-and-sorcery short stories!

My first novel, Heroes Fall, has been out since January. It is the first book in the Serenity City series, and it also launches Silver Empire’s HEROES UNLEASHED universe, a shared superhero world!

Victoria doesn’t need a cape and a name to be a hero.

Living and working in the slums of Serenity City, she has become its faceless and nameless defender. She turned her back on the glittering world of professional superheroes years ago. If she has her way, she’ll never go back.

But the young and forgotten teens she helps are disappearing from the street, and nobody seems to care. As Victoria unravels this mystery, she is lead back to her old life in the star-studded glamourous superhero circles. No matter how much she hates it, she can’t abandon the helpless when they need her the most.

All clues point back to The Rampage, the terrible day when their mightiest champion Achilles fell to darkness. Will Victoria uncover the truth of what actually happened twenty years ago in time to help her lost boys and girls?

And what will happen when the fallen hero Achilles escapes, and Victoria is the only one who can stop him?

Morgon Newquist blazes on to the Superhero scene with the first Serenity City book, bringing nuance, emotion, and superpowered fights in spades. A solid, engaging launch to the brand new shared Heroes Unleashed universe, Heroes Fall will hook readers right in and leave them wanting more.

Can Victoria solve the twenty year mystery of Achilles’ fall from grace in time to save Serenity City? Or is there another, more sinister player who will destroy the very idea of superheroes?

Unravel the mystery and fight the villains with Victoria. Buy Heroes Fall today!

Here’s what a reviewer has said about it:

This book excels for two reasons. First, the super-hero fight sequences are very well presented. The language is evocative, the tempo is fast without skimping on details, and the events are real comic-book-level encounters. This makes the stakes higher and gives a more super-hero feel than you get from most written-word books in this genre. Second, the pacing is spot on. There are always things you want to know, but rather than piling up all the big reveals at the end, the author spreads them throughout the book, so you are never too far ahead or behind the characters. This keeps us closer to the character’s thoughts and makes the whole book a rewarding experience.

Bruce Parello, Amazon Review

You can buy it on Amazon, or in the Silver Empire store! The ebook is also currently in Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber. Click here to read it!

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