Social Media. I’m tired of it.

Social Media. I’m tired of it.

I’ll repeat it. I’m really sick of social media. For a long time, I’ve been trying to use it as a way to connect to friends, readers, fans. Other authors. But it just isn’t working for me, for many reasons.

The biggest is that it’s actually a black hole of human misery and people being generally shitty to one another. It’s an addictive time-sink that feels productive for advertising or connections, but in the end little comes out of it.

Except to turn me into a misanthrope.

But on top of all of that, the platforms are crippling themselves with new updates and changes. This in addition to slow algorithm creep. And the fact that none of them LET YOU SEE YOUR FEED IN ORDER. Despite selecting “most recent” the sites still aren’t showing you everyone you follow in chronological order.

Even if that is really all the users of it want.

Twitter and Facebook in particular are “optimizing” themselves to the point where they are absolutely useless to me. Both a user and a professional. I can’t even reach my own followers on them, much less put myself out in front of new potential readers and fans. I have two incoming posts, one about Facebook and one about Twitter. These posts will explain how both platforms are making themselves worthless to both users on the site, and advertisers/businesses/personalities/professional pages. I thought I’d break them up so I could really dig into a lot of the problems there.

All of this is just to say that I’m tired of all of it, and tired of wasting my time on increasingly dysfunctional platforms.

That’s why I’m returning to this blog.

I honestly think it is the best way to put myself out there. To show ya’ll who I am. To connect with readers and fans and other writers.

I’ll still have my social media profiles and update them some. This, however is going to become my main outpost out in the wilds of the internet.

If you’re coming back here to follow me, thanks. If you’re new, welcome! Keep an eye out here for my ramblings, announcements, short stories, all that jazz.

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