Review: A Place Outside The Wild

Review: A Place Outside The Wild

World War Z meets Rot & Ruin

As a fan of zombies, I’ve recently begun to feel burnout from the glut of zombie entertainment in recent years. I’d heard good things about A Place Outside The Wild, author Daniel Humphreys’ debut novel, however, so when I had a little bit of down time I decided to check it out.

And despite this book’s size (it comes in at 628 pages!) I blew through it in only two days. Dan’s world building is logical, detailed, and interesting. And in a time where doing something new and interesting with zombies equals making them fast (or rage Zombies), he manages to bring something new to the table.

The book is reminiscent of both Max Brooks’ World War Z, and Jonathan Maberry’s Rot & Ruin series, and that’s a good thing. Fans of those works should definitely give this one a try.

5 stars for an enjoyable read, and for breathing some new life (or perhaps undeath!) into an overdone genre.

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