Strep throat, interesting links, and more – Seven Quick Takes Friday

Strep throat, interesting links, and more – Seven Quick Takes Friday

Several of the blogs I’ve read in the past do this thing called Seven Quick Takes Friday, and I think I’ll jump on the bandwagon. It’s a good way to share short snippets that don’t really merit their own posts. So here we go with my first one!

1) I’ve been on Sugar Detox since A’s second birthday party Memorial Day weekend. It was going fantastic until the whole family (minus S, who hardly ever gets sick) was taken out by strep throat. Then after a debacle filled afternoon on Wednesday with me trying to get in to see a doctor, we ended up orderning pizza for dinner. I’ll do a separate post on sugar detoxes and such soon, but now it’s time to climb back on the wagon. I am disappointed, though – I’d spent a lot of time working on my gut flora and had it in pretty good shape (I think…my number of stomach viruses has dramatically plummeted over the past two months) and now I just nuked it with antibiotics. Sigh.

2) I worked a wedding last weekend, a charity gala last night, and now I have another one with a bonus two hour round trip drive tomorrow. I like my job, but it’s also rough when everything clusters around a handful of dates, which it always seems to do. After tomorrow I’ve got a bit of a reprieve though.

3) Next week is vacation bible school at our parish! S went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. This years theme is the Mass, and I’m very happy to see our VBS going in a very Catholic direction. Last year was fine, they used one of the “everyone buys it and then picks their denomination” programs, so it included saints and Mary and such, but doing one on the Mass is really great, especially since S has been going to Mass.

4) Speaking of S going to Mass, once August rolls around he’ll be going with us the whole time every Sunday. He’s been coming until the Offertory since his 5th birthday in January. We have a great church library, which includes a collection of Brother Francis DVDs, which the kids have been enjoying. The Mass one is especially good. I’m recommending them to families with small children, they have helped S understand a lot of what is happening, and some concepts of the Catholic faith.

5) I’m in mad sprint mode to finish a short story for an upcoming anthology. “Down the Dragon Hole” is at 15k words and still not done…it’s kind of spun out of control. So most of today is going to be spent trying to finish it. I literally have a couple of days….ahhhh!

6)The kids’ great-grandma graciously sent money for S’s preschool graduation and A’s birthday, so we all went to Toys R Us while waiting for our antibiotic prescriptions on Wednesday. A picked out a Mickey umbrella, S got a t-rex skull night light (We watched Jurassic Park with him this weekend) and E finally got a Rapunzel wig, which promptly started to get super tangled (hah hah). I took a moment and put it into a big braid (divided it up into three parts, braided those three parts, and then braided the braids, if you can follow that) like Rapunzel’s in the movie. It looks alright – the wig wasn’t really threaded for that kind of look, but E was super happy with it and has been wearing it constantly.

7) So I was puttering around on the internet and read this interesting article from Simcha Fisher that I thought was worth sharing…A LIttle Fish Can Go A Long Way. I always find that kind of stuff fascinating.

So there we go! I have a handful of posts on the docket for next week, including a recap of our rainy trip to the Birmingham Zoo last Thursday that should be fun. Have a restful weekend!

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